At night on May 10, Huawei launched its first V series product, Huawei honor V8, which is the other android flagship smartphone after last one Huawei Honor 7. And it has been improved in every aspect, especially Huawei Honor V8 netcome advanced version to use the top Kirin950 processor. It is equipped with 2K ultra clear screen to make the performance improve largely. How about Huawei honor V8? Let’s check the review with us. I will introduce the Honor V8 netcom advanced version.

Appearance Huawei honor V8 has made some change in its appearance. First it abandons past ID bezel-less design and then uses the traditional ultra narrow bezel. While it keeps the screen to body ratio, it controls the black border of the screen. Even though it’s white version under the screen on, it doesn’t make us feel uncomfortable. In addition, in order to change the bottom too blank, Huawei honor v8 uses the Honor logo on the front. 2.5D screen ensures the hand feeling, too.

In conclusion, Huawei honor V8 as the flagship smartphone makes us amazed not only in hardware or design. Dual cameras also bring us much convenience. It has shown the powerful influence to compare with other brands. The Kirin950 processor makes it on a top performance. Therefore, it’s good for the users like young or old. I am very satisfied with the experience of this Huawei Honor V8.